Our Child Advocacy Center

The focus of the Kaleidoscope Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) program is to help reduce trauma for the child and non-offending family members associated with abuse.  This abuse can be physical, emotional, or sexual.  The cases are most likely being investigated by law enforcement and/or the Department of Social Services, but not necessarily.  In the aftermath of abuse, the child and family can feel a loss of control.  They need support in navigating the various systems they encounter which most often are unfamiliar to them.  Advocacy services are offered to improve outcomes.  Crisis intervention, education, assessment and support services help to assess the child and family needs, reduce fear and anxiety, and provide information that is empowering.

Our partners have been integral.  The Department of Social Services, the District Attorney's office, and all Rockingham County law enforcement agencies have donated many staff hours, as well as Morehead Memorial Hospital.

Kaleidoscope (CAC) services include advocacy, forensic interviewing, child medical evaluators, court support, therapy, and multidisciplinary case review meetings and case tracking.  Other services are also available, such as weekly child groups and community parenting classes.  Although all Help, Incorporated office and shelter staff assist with the provision of services in the CAC, three particular staff persons are dedicated to children services.  Peg Stephenson, Lynn Myers and Kim Madden serve as pillars for Kaleidoscope.